Our Association in Nepal

In order to sustain its local projects in the long term, the AGS has created in June 2009 his branch the GAN, in agreement with Napeli laws.

The GAN manages the following programmes for the students as well as the villagers :

  • Students having distinguished themselves in the SLC examination can obtain scholaships for further studies.
  • A nutrition programme covers the needs of more than 300 ender-nourished students.
  • The health camp lead by healthcare center.
  • Development of bio-farming in the villages, with the profits being put back into the school.
  • Organizing seminars on bio-dynamic culture.
  • Cooperation in bio-compost preparation with other villages.
  • The healthcare center Mara Mosca.
  • Construction of family WC for a better health prevention.
  • Construction of « chulo » (fireplaces built inside the houses) to prevent serious, and sometimes fatal accidents and burns.