Chronological Summary

Decision to rebuild a dilapidated school buildings in Barmaghiya 9, Saptari District, South Nepal.
Development of an educational and healthcare project.
Laying of the foundation stone of the primary school and renovation of the temple dedicated to Hindu god Ganesh.
Association Ganesha of Switzerland (AGS) is founded.
Construction of Casa Torino, which is serving as the caretaker's house and the school kitchen.
Construction of the Secondary school building and the Mara Mosca Healthcare Center.
Purchase of 57'000 sq.m. agricultural land. 300 mango trees, 1'000 aouls plants, eucapyptus and various fruits trees as well as varied vegetables (soya beans, peanuts, etc.) were planted.
Ganesha Association of Nepal (GAN) is founded.
The first nursery class for children between the ages of 4 to 5 years old is opened.
The first nursery school Ganesha Keti Keta Phulbari (teaching according to the Montessori's education method) is opened.
Managerial managment of Mara Mosca Healthcare Center.